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 We started Repairing the Commodore Computer in the 90'S and we where link to other Commodore Computer repair in Melbourne by 2000 we

  sold all the Commodore Computer stock and a new change to repair the PC Computer from Pentium 1 to Pentium 4 now my son repair the PC

  Computer as for me the Commodore Repair hobby has Start in the 2011 and will keep on repairing the Commodore Computer for 6 years


                                                                                                Electronic Hobby for 25 years


          You must join the C 64 Club to have your Commodore Repaired


   1) We do not Repair any main board with Corrosion

  2) We do Repair track with open circuit

  3) We Replace any faulty Parts and install Socket

  4) We have Repair date for the Commodore 64 each Month

  5) Each Commodore 64 Repair are check by the Commodore 64 Diagnostic test gear

  6) All Repair cost $15.00 + Parts cost and Postage

  7) We do not Repair Commodore CD32 and all Amiga



 From the Team : Commodore64Collection


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